AutoRclone 教程 Tutorial 利用Group添加SA,5分钟搞定 gdrive转存 Adding Service Accounts (SA) to a Googlegroup


为了让小白真正实现5分钟学会用好autorclone转移Gdrive资源,我真是不遗余力。。。 经过Autorclone和Panini两位大佬指导,学会了用Group添加SA,虽然是手动的,比较费事,但是弄好以后一劳永逸。我提供的SA账号里面预计会加入900个SA。届时你只需要将这个GROUP地址[email protected]加入(源)目标TD文件夹(管理员身份)即可。

To use autorclone is pretty easy when you get the googlegroup all set. To facilitate that, here we have a finished group, which you can use to test the water. Just add [email protected] to your teamdrive(TD) or googledrive(GD) as a manager, and that’s all

python环境安装 python env install


That’s the crucial part and when it is done, you are already halfway through


Follow this tutorial and get the python installation part set.

添加group账号 add group account to your TD

[email protected]添加到TD盘或者edu盘(单文件15G限制)的目录(即目标目录),权限是管理员,并记下目标目录ID,备用

Add [email protected] to your TD or GD as a manager. the alphabets after is the folder ID or TD ID. write it down or somewhere ‘cause we’ll use them later AddGroup

准备相关文件 some prep files


Download This file and unzip it. place it wherever you like, e.g. C:\

执行脚本 run that script


In cmd, run the follwing

cd C:\AutoRclone-master-demo


Then run the line infra, and replace the source ID and destination ID with your own

python -s 源(source)ID -d 目标(destination)ID -dp 自定目标文件夹目录下的目录名(folder name on your destination TD/GD) -b 1 -e 900 --disable_list_r

Transgering AllDone

Folderclone is almost the same, the essential part is creating SAs. when you have them, you can just add those files to accounts folder and run that script. Here you can reuse mine. Since we are using TD to move files and the SAs are not file owners when the destination is TD, the owner of those files is the Gsuite organisation until they are further moved to your own GD(this GD will be the owner). Those SAs won’t have any record about what you are moving and where. So, it’s as safe to use mine as it is to yours. The tricky part is Google has a daily transfer limit(750GB) on every SA. If we all use the same SA group to copy files, it may reach that limit easily. To solve that, you’ll need your own SA group and that’s just a few clicks away from what you’ve learned here

Hope you can enjoy the whole process and if there is anything I can help you with, let me know

Thanks for reading this

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